Your Partner in Ethical Fashion

If your dream is to create a clothing brand produced ethically, then we know how to make that a reality.

Human resources

  • We pay the cost of insurance for each & every employee, including their spouse & up to three children. This extends to doctors visits, medical supplies & stays in hospital & is one of our largest costs per month.
  • All employees are paid at least double the minimum wage, receive one extra month’s salary per year (13 in total) after working for one year, like a holiday bonus.
  • Every lunch, we provide a hot, freshly cooked meal for each & every employee.
  • Every morning we provide one glass of fresh juice with Vitamin C, D, B & added.
  • Overtime is never compulsory. If available, they have the right to refuse or accept as they see fit.
  • We pay double the normal hourly rate for the first 1.5 hours & triple for additional hours worked.
  • Our facility is fully air-conditioned & on par with any western establishment.

Tax-Free Import Licence

King Trading was awarded the onlyTax-Free licence in Bali on the import of fabrics to the export of clothing. This was because we followed all the Manpower Government Regulations on the overtime payments, holidays, waste management, & much more.


We dye plain & print using Huntsman Eco Dyes, OEKO-TEX® & GOTS Certified supplied by Huntsman in the US, protecting our planet for future generations. The testing and certification process on which our standards are based guarantees maximum consumer safety & is approved by GOTS, the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Bali Street Mums

We give back
Every Bulk order dispatched, we give some of the proceeds to a locally run female charity called Bali Streets Mums, devoted to the welfare & education of women & children scavenging their living from garbage dumps. Contact Kim from NZ via her website.

If you wish to see any of our facilities like our Sampling Studio, Pattern making room, or production facility, we can easily organize a WA video call with one of our team.